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THE tool for monitoring traceability between requirements and Java code.


Ever needed to quantify the amount of requirements you implemented for an application? Or to quantify the amount of requirements covered in your tests? Or needed to produce a traceability matrix from requirements to the code and vice versa? Doing all that manually can be quite cumbersome. With JavaRequirementsTracer (JRT) it is a piece of cake. Simply annotate your code with requirements labels and all of the above is taken care of by JavaRequirementsTracer.

JavaRequirementsTracer easily generates a report on your project using the annotations showing all of the info required. It can be run through a Maven plugin (recommended), as a standalone Java program, or through a Unit Test (which is probably the simplest way of running it). For more details see the JavaDoc of the Requirements annotation.

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JavaRequirementsTracer was developed by Ronald Koster while working at several software development projects by Logica from 2006 to 2009. Logica donated JavaRequirementsTracer to the open source community in September 2009. Part of the idea of tracing requirements in this way came from Wen Hu and Frank Reerink.